August 22, 2010

There are other BENEFITS too... !!!

Our eyes....

The way we see the world

And I guess probably one of the first things people notice about your face.

Not much we can do about our eyes...
I can not complain. I am happy with the eyes I got.
Still no glasses, contacts or eye surgery...

Yes - I did go into panic mode when I realised I neglected to take good care of the areas around my eyes!!
(read my earlier entry about the sagging eyebrow saga in this post:

"Replacing the old with the new..."

Not much we can do about it.

But I swear by MASCARA - if nothing else - plain mascara does the trick for ME!

No matter what kind of emergency or time crisis ....

I ALWAYS make time for Mascara.

Just my thing...even if it turns out little cloggy like the above !

But, WHEN there is time for MAKE-UP, we can do magic and transform our eyes !

It can be work...and so many people neglect....

but it doesn't need to be work if you find the right thing for you !!!

I Found something great!

And if you have a great product - I would LOVE to know!!

About a year ago, I bought this little nifty "all-in-one" eye make-up from 'benefit"..... 

It almost went unnoticed because it is in a cardboard box and not a fancy shiny container and it had almost put me off from buying it - not sure whether it would last!!!

But it DID and after a year, the content was done and the container still in perfect shape !

Last week I picked up 2 new boxes again at the airport!!

And today I just want to say - I LOVE it !!

So I want to do my share of giving them the benefit of having a GREAT product that others might not know of - 

just - spreading the word!

If you have not tried this - it is WORTH giving it a try.

I can not vouch for any other products but I love how they have the perfect combinations in their eye make-up kits - for my everyday use.

Ever bought those sets where you use one or maybe 2 out of the 6 colours you got??

The OTHER BENEFIT is that it comes with complete instructions.

We all know how you start to fall into the same routine ....
and how fun to get a free make-up lesson - without having to go sit in the cosmetics section of a department store on a high chair just to get an update on the "how to" for eyes !!!!

It works wonderfully !!

I got this new one (well - new for me!) and am looking forward to give it a go today...

You can find it here:

LET ME KNOW how it works for you - 

OR if you have any other BEAUTY products that goes a little "unnoticed"
but has worked wonders for you !!

I would love to know your secrets.

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