Need to know more about the crowd I write sometimes about.. is a little something to put things in perspective.


HUSBAND - let's just call him HANDSOME in my posts:

- only have one
- one year older than me but light years wiser than me
- very handy and handsome (hence I will refer to him as the latter ... he will HATE that !!)
- successfull and hardworking but...
- the best dad and husband one could ever ask for!

FIRSTBORN - whom I will just very fondly refer to as EINSTEIN:

- my one and only son
- he is not as wise as my husband yet - although he thinks he is...very clever though - hence Einstein....but everything will be more clear if you read the next line....
- approaching (not quite there yet...but slowly approaching) teenager status
- VERY handsome (takes after his dad there too) - but for the posts we will go with the clever part in stead of the handsome - because he will already be embarrassed by the fact that I even say that !!! (how can moms always think their kids are the most clever, cutest kids on the block??! ...our moms know why, don't we...??!)
- being the typical "oldest" child - he could have easily been called "Commando" - because he does do his fair share of shunting the girls around...
- he is however a darling and charming and still gives his mom (and dad) warm hugs and kisses in front of his friends without being embarassed (how long will that still last?)
- he is great company to have around and makes for a very interesting chat if you have time (IF YOU HAVE TIME)...he always knows enough of anything to demand your attention for SOME LENGTHY period of time !!
- he is a night owl like me...oh boy - he will start a DVD at 1am in the morning if you let him !

and then there is ... the force in the house to be reckoned with......the......

MIDDLE CHILD and we will just call her SKY for the record because:
- she loves blue (that might change before the blog evens gets updated) ...she is nine and that happens a lot when you are 9
- but she is sometimes up in the clouds.. she is a breath of fresh air....she is beautiful and she does let the sun shine through her everyday!...and sometimes it does rain - as she can be very sensitive ......and yet sporty, sparkling and very, very sweet !
- but she can be a tough cookie - make no her brother every bit of sibling rivalry he signs up for; she stands her ground, independant, confident and bubbly person as a rule !
- setting the social scene is sometimes more important than schoolwork, but she is smart she get things done and we are proud of her !

LATER in life came LITTLE one - ooh... let's call her LOLLIPOP!

- sticky at times but she has me wrapped around her pinky !
- she is a cutie pie but she knows what she wants..
- curly hair and ruling the house although she has only been 3 years on the throne...
- Growing up with the older kids with a substantial gap inbetween had put Lady GaGa more top of mind than Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and being Mommy's second hand at home - she does wait for the kids at the door after school and asks the neccessary "how was you day?" questions when they walk in.

and then NONE of them would have featured in this blog had it not been for ME - YUMMY MUMMY
- don't let the yummy deceive you - that probably refers more to the great cook I am
- I am a busy bee and don't think I will ever in my life have a moment where I think I have NOTHING to do..there is always SOMETHING more to do..
- that does not prevent me from taking a nap in the middle of the day as if i have absolutely nothing to do
- You will get to know me as you walk in my shoes in my blog, so let me not go on about myself here.
- I am usually the one behind the camera..... my family is cursed!!

and then there is...... the FAMILY......

This is my extended family - I also write about them are just a few of them...too many to name !!