August 11, 2010

Rooster on the Roadtrip

Saturday was another good day. We went on a ROADTRIP.

Rented a car, got a map and decided do just see where the road leads us...

How free - no GPS required...we are after all on an island !

So, the first we found ...who knows their history....???

That would be PEARL HARBOUR

The kids saw the movie, so it was really special for them too....

But it was still very cute to see BIG BROTHER walking LITTLE SISTER through the whole series of events again..

Ok....I admit - I just couldn't choose between these picutres...
they are so adorable together !

But it was a good place to start our road trip and remember this..

Our trip ended in the afternoon with our final stop at HANAUMA bay..

AMAZING beach in a Nature Reserve area

(you actually have to watch a video before you are allowed entry!)

so when you get your chop from the cop you are allowed in !

SInce everything is preserved ...the coral reef and sea life is just incredible for snorkeling!

So, that's exactly what everybody did

but those who stayed on the beach...

had to bring their own sea-life creatures

that is besides the Yosemite Bear she brought along...

But there were also the creatures we did NOT bring

who expected to find a ROOSTER on the beach??

THAT suddenly sparked the interest and a whole new load of fun on the beach.

Pity he wont come in the water... I miss my family...?!

awwww..... STILL snorkling...

Meanwhile - back on the beach.

I did not really mean for THIS to happen??!!

WHy, oh WHY did I let this happen ???

TIME to get out of the sun.

TIME to hit the road again

So we headed home


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