August 30, 2010

So happy to hear from her...

The phone rang 10 to 10 this morning. Perfect timing.

Morning routine done and Pilates just finished. Just grabbed a coffee and sat down in front of my computer when the Skype buzzed up.

I was so happy to hear her voice.

So happy to hear her laughter over the phone.

My neighbor called. I call her my neighbor because nobody moved into the house where she moved out of about a month ago.

Now she lives in another country and the house is empty.

In fact, the whole street is empty after she left and many times I feel the emptiness just from being in my kitchen, knowing that she is not next door anymore. Not there when I need an egg or milk to borrow....not there to quickly come give advice about how to rescue a failed recipe.....not there to go have a cup of tea if the day is running over me....

Don't you just LOVE that kind of neighbor? Do you still get those kind of neighbor everywhere in the world?

I had one...and now she is gone.

But she is still on the other end of Skype.

And what a relief when you know you can answer and put the video rolling - with no make-up, no hair done, before taking a shower, after having done your exercises....and she still answers your "Good Morning" with a "Hey - you look great, girl !"

Oh.....I miss my neighbor!

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