July 9, 2010

A life of LISTS !!!

I am a LIST person. Once I have everything on a "to do" list...I can sit back and relax.

I feel like I achieved a lot, even though I have not even made a start ?!

All the million things that are on my mind, are jotted down and I can start to think and focus again...not feeling the burden of all the things I have to (or sometimes "choose" to) do...

Making the list is a huge milestone in itself to me.

Here are my lists - now you can laugh at me ...

(This is a little piece of the inside of my brain - on STICKY NOTES !!!)

Yes - it is neverending....

and the scary part is that every little post-it represents a ton of work...

so, be afraid..

be very afraid if you are anywhere near me and in a place where you could get ordered around by me to lend a hand..!!!!!

But I have every intention to start NOW and DO the things I jotted down.

Gotta go...need to go fill up these pages !!

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