March 5, 2010

Yummy Mummy


It was not my idea from the start to call myself Yummy Mummy...but that came about from a lack of other ideas for a "virtual" identity when asked by Blogger.

I got two coffee mugs Christmas time last year. The little sparkly "diamonds" on them caught my eye - which girl won't notice ANY sort of sparkly on ANYTHING??....and I bought them. The one says DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE...and the other one YUMMY MUMMY !

We have a great cuppaccinno maker in the house, so I get my daily fix of great coffee which I normally have in front of the computer when I am alone at one of these cups. Coming time to decide under what name to post - it was one of those coffee times again and looking at the cup in front of me .... I did not even have to come up with an idea - it was right in front of my eyes?!

Now...the question is - had I been drinking that day from the DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE cup - would I have chosen that as my name? NO...COME ON !!! Who wants to be THAT if you could be Yummy Mummy? Even just in your own mind??
(honest truth is - I am more of a desperate housewife than a yummy mummy - don't tell! ), but who cares?

That just brings me to a WHOLE new topic of something that was NEVER and STILL is not my idea....more about that when I one day have the time to write about that.....being a desperate housewife...

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