May 25, 2010

To tell or not to tell...

How do you tell a friend the truth?

What people say and what people think and what you personally think.....could so easily be discussed behind someone's back...but few have the guts to say it out loud.

Or do they have the guts, but they feel the pain of what it would feel like telling your friend the truth...and then rather avoid telling...because it is much nicer to not have any uncomfortable not-nice-to-hear-truths that could potentially come inbetween a precious friendship.

I hate that - thinking something and not sharing that thought...

But then again - if it is a true friend, they should know your intention, know that you care and know that you do this for them..

I would like my friends to tell.... I will just tell...and hope for the best.


Falguni said...

I think you should tell the truth...True friends are the ones who are honest to tell you how it is and won't beat around the bush. I have told the truth to some and it has drawn us closer and with others some distance has come b/w us. O' least I told them!


yummy mummy said...

I followed the advice... I told...and I am glad I did. I feel much better ! And my friend accepted in love !